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Club Moral Stocklist 022 - White Power
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Publish-date-icon January 17, 2007
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Various Artists - White Power (C-60 cassette)

A-01 - intro
A-02 - Ramleh - Fist Fuck
A-03 - Consumer Electronics - Penisator
A-04 - Maurizio Bianchi - Menstruum
B-01 - Sutcliffe Jugend - Pommerencke
B-02 - Club Moral - Eating Limbs
B-03 - Krang Music - Uro

"White Power" was released in march 1983, it was the 11th release on the IPHAR label, compiled by Philip Best.

On 31 oct 1982 he wrote:
dear DDV,
hi! i'm afraid i haven't written to you before but i wonder if you'd like to contribute to a compilation cassette i am at present working on. i am 16 and have a group called consumer electronics; we were on the fur ilse koch album, as were you. i sell cassettes + my magazine Intolerance and have included a sample issue; i'm afraid its a quite old issue (there have been quite a few advances since then) and i now have 9 tapes available.
as i'm still at school i'm afraid i can offer you no payment if you decide to contribute but of course you will receive free copies. i already have contributions from RAMLEH (fist fuck) MANNINGHAM (whore hunting) CHARLES MANSON (tv interview) ASH (penisator) and i have approached many more well-known music workers; most of whom are interested in contributing.
release will be DEC/JAN. and if you want to contribute please send it on normal audio cassette tape.
i've only heard your track on fur ilse koch so i don't know if you also make more musical tapes BUT if you decide to contribute please make your piece as extreme as possible; brainfucking electronics are one of my major passions. i hate TG and their disco-shit.
please send me a list of what you sell as well since i've read great reviews of your work.
consumer electronics should be playing live with whitehouse again soon, please write back again soon,
philip best.

"White Power" created quite a stir, both due to it's title and it's cover bearing nothing but a swastika. It fueled the line of thought from some people and bands that despised noise music and accused noise bands of sponsoring right-wing political parties. There was a large debate when we published "The Most Violent Music of the New Right" by Come Org. in our first issue of Force Mental, and later in the US magazine Unsound. Generally spoken most of it was based on envy and attempts to have gigs cancelled and bands banned. In an interview from 1991/1992 Gary Mundy (RAMLEH) had this to say about it:
GH: All Ramleh's releases, with the exception of one tape, were released on Broken Flag. The exception being ONSLAUGHT on Philip Best's Iphar label. He described this as "a cassette of agonizingly dominant hate, sheer contempt.... The first in the new Iphar era of White Power." How did this association come about and what did he mean by "the new era of White Power"?
GM: Again, I know what you're getting at here but there was no right-wing viewpoint to any of the stuff -- we made an error in judgment in testing out the bounds of offensiveness. There was certainly no "movement" of any kind. Since those days, we have made sure that we do not fall into that trap again and go out of our way to avoid being promoted by magazines and record labels as any kind of political band -- we never were, and never would be. It is interesting to point out that the kind of organizations we were accused of supporting would certainly never tolerate the kind of people we really are. Having said all of this, I still stand by our music of that era as being genuinely unique and exciting.

(read the full interview here)

Gary Mundy (RAMLEH) continues to play as a guitarist in the Heavy Metal band Skullflower and Gothic band Breathless. Philip Best played with Whitehouse for a considerate time, and recently has taken up Consumer Electronics on stage again. He also has a blog. Maurizio Bianchi spent some time in religious limbo but returns with new productions. Sutcliffe Jugend have also recently taken up music production again. John Murphy (KRANG) is one of the oldest noise veterans, he played in SPK, Whitehouse, Current 93, Death in June and as an excellent drummer for many pop bands in the studio. Most recently he plays in KnifeLadder.

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